Whitney Wolfe; Big plans for Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the successful woman behind Bumble, which now runs platforms with over 35 million users around the globe in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Latin American and soon to launched in India.

Bumble BFF has reached three million users and even the famous Kris Jenner has stated that she was using Bumble to hire an assistant.

Aside from all their success Bumble is currently counter suing Match Group in a legal back and forth battle after they declined Match Group’s offer to purchase Bumble.

The legal troubles seem to have not bothered the company.We can expect big things from Bumble, lead with Whitney Wolfe ‘s drive in women empowerment the company has been working with psychotherapist and dermatologist to create serums. They plan to release these in mid to late 2019, and customers are sure to be surprised by their ironic names like “Break Up With Bad” a facial oil for “breakups and breakouts” line. Yet they claim that this is just the start. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Empowering Women has always been a key motivator for Whitney Wolfe that fuels all of her intriguing plans. Playing into this is her goal to make misogyny illegal. She believes that those who send unwanted pictures of their genitalia need to be held accountable for their actions. But as of now it is too early for legislation to take up the topic.

Whitney Wolfe had to deal with many coming of age troubles, which have fueled her gender opposition behavior today. But despite this she still balances the paradigms of being a woman. Her husband has stated that even after working for 12-hours she will prefer to cook dinner instead of getting take out.

She is constantly standing up to the indiscretions of the genders both in her personal life and in her company.

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