The Lime Crime Palettes That Are Just in Time for Summer

The Lime Crime brand is giving consumers a lot to consider for the summer months. The Venus Palettes are getting a lot of buzz. People that want a new look cannot overlook the interesting Venus Palettes that come in great shades that Doe Deere has called game changers. She knows that there are a lot of people that are looking for more than the nude palettes. That is why she has been working hard to create the brick brown, rust red and other palettes that help people embrace the grunge looks for the summer.

There are people that are trying to find out which Lime Crime Palettes are best for the summer, and the Venus and Venus 2 Palettes appear to be getting the most admiration. This is largely because people now have access to some of the grunge looks for the 90’s. There are also people that are interested in this unique brand that Doe Deere has managed to bring forth those that wanted to engage in some fun color mixing. It is good to have a company that accomodates your needs when it comes to variety, and that is what Doe Deere provides through Lime Crime Venus Palettes.

Eye shadow is something that is very defining. More people are looking for this because they want to try a smokey eye or a wide-open eye look. Professional makeup artists are always looking for something that is daring that is standing out. This is why the Venus 2 Palette seems to get a lot of attention. It has multi-color sparkles and it stands out as a palette that doesn’t run or fade.

When women start paying for lipstick and eye-liner they want to have something that will last. They do not want to get products that do not get them through the course of the day. Ladies want the colors that are blendable that are going to last. This is exactly what people can expect when they sign up for the Lime Crime brands. They are getting the quality eye shadow from the Venus palettes that burst with great color.