Why Paul Mampilly Wants Us To Invest In Rare Earth Metals

Paul Mampilly, expert stock analyst, and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing says better and cheaper batteries are needed if e-mobility is to succeed. He’s talking about electric vehicles and the raw materials required to make them run.The “Profits Unilmited” and nationally recognized stock picking guru pointed out in his Twitter post the popularity of metals, especially by Chinese miners. Mampilly has tracked how these miners are buying specific metals, needed for the electric car revolution, around the world, and he predicts the demand will keep growing.

Without them, says Paul Mampilly, the revolution for cars and digital goods will slow down.Lithium, also referred to as “white gold” is indispensable. Batteries of e-cars, but also many other electronic products, like smartphones, and laptops are dependent on lithium, and while China mines Lithium, the country is trying to gain access to ever larger deposits world wide.

International Desires Increase For Metals

Should we invest? A leading supplier of lithium carbonate to the battery industry – SQM – had it’s stock rise by 80 percent in just 12 months. It’s emerged as a must have says stock investment guru, Paul Mampilly.According to expert estimates global demand for lithium will at least double by the year 2025. As pointed out by Mampilly, lithium, cobalt, nickel and platinum, as well as graphite and other rare earth metals play a central role in the high-tech economy, and offers opportunities for investments.Investors’ interest in metal rose when electric and lithium (EV) vehicles made headlines, and with Elon Musk promising to sell more than one million Tesla, which depend on lithium, and Volkswagen and BMW following suit, experts say investors should include shares of metals in their portfolios.To be sure you don’t miss out on the action, follow Mampilly on Facebook and his Paul Mampilly Guru website.