Infinity Group Australia’s culture of innovative financial solutions

Infinity Group Australia was founded jointly by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. The company was incorporated in response to an existing market gap in the financial industry where debt reduction was a major concern. Since then, the company has achieved tremendous growth, becoming one of the most innovative companies in Australia today.




With five years of existence in the competitive market, Infinity Group Australia recently received an accolade from the Australian Financial Review for making it among the 58 innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The company’s innovation culture runs deep and is well-integrated within the management. From foundation, Infinity Group Australia utilized the concept of finding innovative solutions for financial problems that customers faced. As part of the innovation, the management of the company initiated plans to ensure that all customers are handled uniquely and in accordance with their specific demands and requirements. The development of customer-specific solutions has enabled Infinity Group to obtain and retain more customers who are hungry for financial relationships designed to spur them to financial autonomy and success.




As part of the innovativeness in the financial solutions for customers, the management of the company takes notice of patients’ behavior and comes up with a unique customer profile which is utilized to offer an appropriate financial package for them. The customer-centric approach has made the company one of the leading mortgage firms in the country that specially focuses on reducing customer debts as seamlessly as possible while securing their future. The Infinity Group Australia reviews by customers are a testament to the company’s emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction. Learn more:




According to the company’s vision and mission, special emphasis is put on ensuring that customers can enjoy their financial future without having to worry about the monthly premiums they have to pay.




At the helm of the company is Graeme Holm who is a graduate of Illawarra Christian School and the Australian Institute of Business where he studied finance for more than 17 years. Starting his career in 2001, Graeme Holm has invested more than 10 years working in the Australian financial industry in various banks. This lengthy time has given him a sufficient platform to master the real estate industry with a particular focus on debt-reduction and mortgage brokerage.




To enforce corporate success while securing the company’s future in the competitive market, Graeme Holm has been compelled to invest in the development of an appropriate Fintech for the Infinity Group Australia.