Unmasking Guilherme Paulus and How He Has Become a Formidable Force to reckon with in Brazil’s Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is the perfect embodiment of business excellence. As the Founder of CVC, he has painstakingly built the tour operator enterprise into a formidable business in Brazil and beyond. As a testament to his proficiency, the innovative and ambitious CEO also boasts the newly operational Avenida Cidade Jardim Hotel in Sao Paulo and an iconic skyscraper commonly associated with the DPZ advertising agency. Not content with his current state, he also plans to embark on an impressive mission to build an ultra-modern hotel consisting of 65 apartments and a fully equipped restaurant. As the Chairman of the GJP Group, he is credited with ensuring the construction of over 12 hotels spanned across Brazil.

While most tourists find it excruciating to find accurate information regarding ideal vacation destinations, Guilherme Paulus has proven to be a reliable source of tourism information in Brazil. As the Founder of GJP Hotel and Resorts, he boasts unrivaled experience and connections when it comes to experiencing epic tourism adventures in Brazil. Not only does he know what tourists need and want but also delivers exceptional vacation experiences to his diverse clientele.

As a veteran in the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus has grown by leaps and bounds to develop over 3,000 rooms in Brazil. His insightful leadership in the hotel construction industry undoubtedly elevated his creativity to develop the captivating building in pristine settings such as the Porto Galinhas and the epic waterfalls at Foz do Iguacu.

While in Brazil, tourists need not worry about finding world-class services. Courtesy of his vast empire, tourists are entertained through high-end accommodations, restaurants, and personal services at affordable costs.

Up-Close and Personal

Guilherme Paulus recently shed some insight into his business life aimed at understanding his inspiration and source of success.

Where Was the Idea For CVC Conceived?

Unknown to most people, CVC’s idea initially originated from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari while on a ship trip. Despite having no finances, he didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to partner with Carlos realize their vision to reality. Today, the business has exponentially grown from a small store into a formidable corporation.

One Trend That Excites Him

Guilherme Paulus credits technology as a remarkable tool that attracts his attention. With it, we can not only understand the diverse needs of customers but also understand and capitalize on emerging markets.

The One Thing He Would Do Over and Over as an Entrepreneur

According to the seasoned business guru, nothing beats hard work, toiling at every opportunity and being attentive to the needs of customers. Unfortunately, most business owners fail to harness the power of such information at their disposal.

Sahm Adrangi: An Investment Expert

Sahm Adrangi started Kerrisdale Capital Management. He launched his company in 2009. The investment capital company primarily focuses on long term investments and special event driven situations. The company spends a lot of its time researching and correcting errors about underfollowed longs, issues with investments in the stock market and over hyped shorts. Under the leadership of the founder and chief investment officer. Kerrisdale Capital Management works within the telecommunications, biotechnology and mining industries.

Sahm Adrangi grew his reputation in the investment banking niche. He was able to become a respected investor and banker due to his exposure of fraudulent businesses practices amongst Chinese companies. Researching and finding out about these companies caused the SEC to draw their attention to the fraudulent actions of these companies. Sahm Adrangi is also a guest speaker. He speaks at many different conventions and conference. For example, he has spoken at the Activist Investor Conference, and he has spoken at the Sohn Conference. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have written editorial pieces on the investment banker. His skill and intelligence with investing led him to managing billions of dollars for other companies, which laid the groundwork for him launching his own successful investment capital company.

The stock markets and hedge funds have been experiencing bullish activity. There are many growing trends in quant strategies, investments, indexing and mechanical approaches. Despite this, Sahm Adrangi knows that the fundamentals to analyzing stocks is the key to selecting the correct investments that will yield you the right return on investment. The CIO and investor believes fundamental investing helps investors grow their investment portfolios. He has built Kerrisdale Capital Management into a firm that has a mission of fundamental investing. Selecting good stocks and attracting shorts is not a challenge for this investment company.

The New York based investment company started just a few years ago is a leader in its industry. The company has pledged itself to helping clients with their financial decisions. They will continue to lead and support value based investments that are in an array of industries related to public securities.


Reputation of Madison Street Capital in Corporate Finance

Madison street capital is a leading investment bank that has a significant presence globally. The company is located in Chicago, and it has been in the industry providing services to customers for over 13 years. There are lots of services that are offered by the Madison street capital company comprising private equity, advisory, investment banks services, business valuation services, mergers and acquisitions services, venture capital services and many others.


The years that the Madison street capital has been in the industry has enabled it to have a remarkable reputation. The most significant pride that the Madison Street Capital has is that it has the most considerable knowledge in the financial industry and more so corporate finance. Based on its area of expertise the company has been delivering the services to its clients to ensure that all are satisfied by the services since it values the interests of its customers.


In building its reputation globally, the Madison Street Capital company has other offices besides Chicago in Oregon, Ghana, and India. The management or rather executives of the company provides a timely report of the transactions integrating comprehensive analytic skills to ensure that every operation is conducted appropriately. This makes the clients of the Madison Street Capital have high confidence with the firm since they know the right company handles their assets.

Moreover, the Madison Street Capital is recognized in advisory services, and it offered financial advice to the DCG Software Value Company that is leading in the software analytics. DCG Software Value is famous in the provision of services related to software such as project support, value management, and software estimation services. The DCG merges with Spitfire Group, and they all appreciate the services and contribution of the Madison Street Capital company since they worked hard to see the two companies accomplishing their deals successful of which was a great achievement.


Also, the Madison Street Capital firm has some awards of honor that it has earned. Most of the awards that the firm has received are as a result of the track record that it has left and achievements in various sectors of the projects undertaken. Also, the firm advised the WLR Automotive Group on a transaction of $13.2 million based on the leaseback and sales. The advice made the WLR Automotive Group generate a lot of cash that is used in making other investments in the market; moreover, the company has other 17 outlets, and it was grateful for the deal with the Madison Street Capital.


Mostly, the Madison Street Capital company has an excellent reputation in the corporate finance where it has been offering financial advice to different companies so that they can be able to make significant investments and at the same time raise more cash.


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