Innovacare Health Moves Forward Under Guidance of Top Executives Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Guided by CEO Rick Shinto and by Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as its chief administrative officer, Innovacare Health continues in its quest to provide medical services to thousands of American citizens. The two top executives have combined their skills and experience to help the New Jersey-based company achieve the highest possible degree of care to its customers.

Nearly two decades before taking the helm of Innovacare Health, Dr. Shinto would help establish the basis of a company dedicated to value-based health care. Possessing both a medical degree and a master’s degree in business administration, Dr. Shinto had earlier in his career served as the chief medical officer for the CalOptima Health Plan, an insurance program operating in Southern California. It was in that region of the nation where he would also practice in the fields of internal medicine and pulmonology. Dr. Shinto has also served in executive posts at the Pathways Management Company and in the Aveta health care provider network. He is currently on the boards of two trade organizations, America’s Physician Groups and America’s Health Insurance Plans. Known for his own written articles on medicine and the health industry in general, he was recognized in a 2018 edition of the publication Modern Healthcare as one of the “top 25” minority executives in the field.

Penelope Kokkinides has served as the CAO of Innovacare Health since 2015. A graduate of Binghamton University, where she studied biological sciences, she would later receive master’s degrees in both social work and in public health from Columbia University, which is also in New York. Prior to assuming her current position, she played a vital role in developing health plans while serving in a business department at UnitedHealth Group. Recognizing the current status and the future direction of the healthcare industry, she believes in prioritizing her own duties and goals in advance.

Innovacare Health was originally developed to operate the subsidiary companies of the California-based firm North American Medical Management. It today provides coverage to nearly half-a-million residents of the American territorial island of Puerto Rico. One of its own subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare, is also responsible for covering thousands of clients enrolled in the Medicare Advantage supplemental insurance program. Reflecting its dedication to innovative ideas, Innovacare Health is helping to develop a system that allows for payments to providers to be based on the quality of the service. Such methods can help provide coverage to those with the most complicated medical needs and in the process reduce the costs of such government programs as Medicare.

Pemex And Talos Energy Have Big Plans For A Partnership In The Gulf Of Mexico

When the Zamas Project led by Talos Energy discovered a large oil and gas deposit in the Southern Gulf of Mexico it was big news for the company. It turns out that it may be big news for the state-run company as well as they believe that the significant oil deposit may not only be under the land ran by Talos, but also a Pemex ran sector as well. If this is the case, the 2 companies will need to work closely together to source the natural resources which may amount billions of barrels. The 2 companies are working hard to come up with a partnership agreement to share the responsibilities of drilling along with the revenue from the project if these suspicions do turn out to be correct.

In order to confirm whether or not the deposits extend into the land controlled by Pemex, the company is going to be doing drilling on their own site to see if they are able to access the oil

and gas. They are hoping to complete this as quickly as possible before the end of this year so they can get to work producing a significant amount of oil and gas for the economy of Mexico. The oil industry of Mexico has been facing issues in the last decade or so as they have been going through a slump in production. By working with Talos Energy in order to produce this oil, they are expecting their situation to improve greatly.

If Pemex is able to confirm that these deposits do in fact extend onto their land, they are planning on working quickly to finalize the partnership and get to work. Talos Energy respects the sense of urgency that Pemex has towards the project and is planning on doing everything that they can to expedite the process and gather as much data as possible on the area in question. They are both fully committed to this potential partnership and are looking forward to what they can do together as a team. If everything goes as planned and the deposits are discovered on their land, it is expected that the deal will be completed by the end of 2019.

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Even During Financial Uncertainty Equities First Holdings Are Still Able To Give Out Loans

Equities First Holdings can still give you the loans that you need where other banks have stopped doing so because of the way that Equities First Holdings gives out loans and that’s by giving out stock-based loans where their competitors usually give out margin based loans and this method of giving out loans has allowed Equities First Holdings to continue to do the business that their customers need from them when other banks just can’t find it feasible to do so during these times where banks across the world are having a hard time thanks to financial insecurity and the fact that the economy is unstable across the board.

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Strategies Implemented By Peter Briger To Elevate Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has helped Fortress Investment Group to be a competitive organization because it was able to remain operational despite the losses facing the industry. Eliminating losses and uncertainties remains to be one of the main challenges facing a significant number of financial sector. The success of the organization is to stay focused on eliminating losses while at the same time being able to navigate risks that face the market.

One of the main achievement that Peter Briger implemented at Fortress Group is helping the company to understand all the risks and uncertainties affecting the industry. A large number of organizations have struggled in trying to understand the losses facing their operations. However, Fortress Group has been able to overcome all the risks that usually face the market through well thought and professionally managed policies. These policies have helped the company to remain relevant even in situations where other organizations are collapsing.

One of the main strategies used by Peter Briger is ensuring that he uses simple language which every customer interested in buying financial products at Fortress Investment Group can understand. This means that the company could be able to explain the complex terms used in the financial industry and make them easy to understand. All individuals making investment decisions could, therefore, have the necessary knowledge and information that would help them to come up with the best alternative without feeling cheated.

Peter Briger aimed at helping the company to be more self-centered rather than being multitude-based. Most of the organizations are multitude-based where they provide financial products for customers to consider without addressing their needs. At Fortress Investment Group, customers can easily design the commercial products they would like to purchase. This makes the company customer-based in that it only provides those products that are needed by particular customers.

In a nutshell, Peter Briger is an individual who is always interested in marketing the products of the company through personal touch that is not provided by other entities in the same industry. A personal touch is a strategy that means individuals are targeted by giving the products that are tailor-made to meet their needs.

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Brian Torchin — Well Educated to Fulfill His Purpose in the Professional Life

Brian’s future-enterprise accomplishments took flight after completing the school learning. He was propelled by history when he noted people experiencing physical pains — Brian had no answers for their suffering. It was then Brian Torchin focused on getting an education to fulfill his purpose in the medical professional life. Thus, he started the education by finishing with a Bachelor of Science pre-med degree from the University of Delaware.

Also, he entered his called-for field to practice as a chiropractic practitioner.

So, Brian gained all the necessary certifications through the New York Chiropractic College. At last, the practitioner completed the training from 1992 to 1995 and graduated with a chiropractic degree. Following this achieving, Dr. Torchin began helping adults and children suffering from chiropractic issues such as migraines, neck pain, lower back pain, and more.

Yes, these practices took place in his Philadelphia, PA chiropractic clinic where he developed an excellent reputation. Furthermore, Brian Torchin grew to be a successful entrepreneur in the global medical field. However, founding Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) would become Brian’s biggest professional-career achievement. Interesting enough, Dr. Torchin knows what it’s liking to be understaffed in serving through his chiropractic clinic experiences. Read more at about Brian Torchin

And so, by creating HCRC Staffing, he would have the answer to resolve the needs of his company and other practicing organizations. Brian’s purpose is to make sure businesses will have access to registered personnel having a passion to learn and share these enterprises’ day-to-day affairs. Noteworthy, HCRC Staffing is competent in serving healthcare companies, hospitals, and legal firms. Additional, the company supplies the need for chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse-practitioners, qualified dentists, and more.

Conclusion, similar to Brian Torchin’s chiropractic clinic location, HCRC is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but he has built other offices throughout the US — and as far as Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia. Thus, Brian has a passion for coaching and mentoring young students in the medical profession. Plus, he shares his information on Facebook and Twitter for those graduates who are searching for job opportunities at different hospitals.



Talos Energy a company with successful Explorations

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company founded in 2012. It specializes in the exploration of hydrocarbons in the US Gulf of Mexico and offshore Mexico and production services. The company’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas.

The company also participates in business development involving JV’s and farm-ins. Timothy Duncan, the CEO and President of the company founded Talos Energy, with a $600 million equity raise from Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management.


Earlier this year in May, Talos Energy Inc. merged with Stone Energy Corporation into Talos Energy. This amalgamation created a lot of heat in the energy industry as the two oil and gas companies have a history of instinctive asset management and strategic development.

The CEO, Tim Duncan, commented on the merger saying that it is a transformative fusion where shareholders will benefit from the increased scale and liquidity. The oil and gas company is no stranger when it comes to transforming struggling assets as it was the case with Stone Energy.

From the merger, Talos Energy will see an increase in oil production of up to 47,000 barrels a day. Also, the company gets assets of oil reserves of 136 million barrels of oil. Once the merger is complete, Talos Energy is set to attain financial flexibility from a credit facility contract and a 450 million dollar liquidity.

Following an announcement in September 2018, Talos Energy acquired Whistler Energy II, a private company in a $52 million deal. Talos is set to acquire assets from the transaction which includes fixed production stage situated in Green Canyon Block 18 in 750 feet of water and a 100 percent working interest in three central Gulf of Mexico.


In 2017, Talos Energy was honored with the Discovery of the Year 2017” award. This was during the WoodMackenzie’s yearly exploration awards ceremony held in June. The oil and gas company was acknowledged for its Zama oil discovery offshore Mexico. Zama is the first exploration to be drilled in Mexico by the private sector.

The Helping Hand of Stream Energy

In summer 2004, Stream Energy was established in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in residential and corporate services; relating to electric and energy needs. Over the next several years, the company would grow and further their operation into 7 different states and regions. Many commercial and residential consumers have benefitted from the efforts of Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is also known for huge philanthropy acts. When a number of devastating hurricanes reached Texas, Stream Energy donated the company’s profits to the numerous suffering families who lost their houses. In addition, SE has also established genuine rapports with numerous nonprofit organizations. They’ve also founded their own non for profit sector called Stream Cares. One of their first acts of charity was to pay for more than 1000 homeless children’s room and board at a shelter. Stream Energy has a reputation that precedes them and a passion to help others; no matter if it is through their business or charity. They have shown that they care about their community and aims to serve. Anytime there is a disaster or an opportunity to help, Stream Energy goes above and beyond. This energy company considers helping the community as a part of their DNA.

They company has social media pages that post inspirational quotes as well as info relating to consumers. On their Twitter site, they touch base on their philanthropy progress and offer people to help if they are able to do so. The humanitarian efforts of SE dates far back before they formalized it with the formation of Stream Cares. The company plans to expand it’s reach business and continue to give a helping hand throughout their community. They constantly put the community first and this has earned them a spot in many people’s hearts. Many people have been touched by the efforts of this company and from the looks of it, many more people will be assisted by their business and philanthropy acts.

GreenSky Credit Achieves Another Milestone in Technology.

GreenSky Credit has set the record in the credit finance industry in the adoption of technology, in the quest to demystify the loan application process. The company, after its establishment in 2006, has been very instrumental in making sure that the customers of credit finance get the best services that they deserve. One of the gaps that the founders of GreenSky Credit had identified in the market while establishing the organization was the fact that many customers could leave the doors of the creditors with dissatisfaction. Either because they never got the sufficient funding that they expected or the customer service was poor. To curb this, they decided to form GreenSky, an organization that would fund creditors so that they can afford to maintain their relevance to their clients. This has moved far to ensure that the flow of borrowers into those small lending firms is consistent.

Another challenge that has been identified by the principal of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, is the time-consuming process to which the borrowers were subjected whenever they happened to seek credit. A lot of details and scrutiny were also involved which brought about a lot of frustrations to the clients. To solve this, GreenSky Credit, with the help of Zalik David, has introduced a platform that will enable the clients of these small lending firms to borrow money through online loan application. This is an advancement that has taken too long to innovate, but it will solve the problems that have been facing the borrowers. First, the only requirement of the customers will be an internet connection. This will enable the clients to log into the company’s site and complete the loan application and wait for the funds to be disbursed to their accounts shortly.

One secret that Zalik possesses and has led to the growth of GreenSky Credit is the creation of strong relationships with the financial institutions and the small creditors. Instead of spending too much money on advertising the company on the mainstream media, David prefers moving to the grass root and try building viable and constructive relationships with these firms which enable GreenSky Credit to minimize the lending risks by spreading it to these small creditors.

Sahm Adrangi: An Investment Expert

Sahm Adrangi started Kerrisdale Capital Management. He launched his company in 2009. The investment capital company primarily focuses on long term investments and special event driven situations. The company spends a lot of its time researching and correcting errors about underfollowed longs, issues with investments in the stock market and over hyped shorts. Under the leadership of the founder and chief investment officer. Kerrisdale Capital Management works within the telecommunications, biotechnology and mining industries.

Sahm Adrangi grew his reputation in the investment banking niche. He was able to become a respected investor and banker due to his exposure of fraudulent businesses practices amongst Chinese companies. Researching and finding out about these companies caused the SEC to draw their attention to the fraudulent actions of these companies. Sahm Adrangi is also a guest speaker. He speaks at many different conventions and conference. For example, he has spoken at the Activist Investor Conference, and he has spoken at the Sohn Conference. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have written editorial pieces on the investment banker. His skill and intelligence with investing led him to managing billions of dollars for other companies, which laid the groundwork for him launching his own successful investment capital company.

The stock markets and hedge funds have been experiencing bullish activity. There are many growing trends in quant strategies, investments, indexing and mechanical approaches. Despite this, Sahm Adrangi knows that the fundamentals to analyzing stocks is the key to selecting the correct investments that will yield you the right return on investment. The CIO and investor believes fundamental investing helps investors grow their investment portfolios. He has built Kerrisdale Capital Management into a firm that has a mission of fundamental investing. Selecting good stocks and attracting shorts is not a challenge for this investment company.

The New York based investment company started just a few years ago is a leader in its industry. The company has pledged itself to helping clients with their financial decisions. They will continue to lead and support value based investments that are in an array of industries related to public securities.

4 Tips from Aloha Construction Experts to Avoid Making Mistakes as a Homeowner

As a first-time homeowner, there are a variety of mistakes you can make while purchasing your first house. For that reason, experts from Aloha Construction have complied four mistakes that most new homeowners make and how to avoid them.

Tip # 1: Avoid Making Wrong Upgrades

The common mistake that individuals make is selecting the wrong upgrades. Upgrading your house without following the appropriate steps can result in a leaking roof or a rotting siding. This can affect the resale value of your house to potential customers. When you need to put your house on sale it is advisable you consult Aloha Construction experts to upgrade your house roofing and siding.

Tip # 2: Do not wait too Long for Property Inspection

Aloha construction offers a free inspection of the property. This enabled the company to be awarded the BBB Torch Award for its contribution in the community. You should contact the company after the occurrence of high winds blow or hail to inspect your home. The company team of experts will carry out a rigorous inspection process to ensure the safety of your home. They will inspect your house siding, roofing and shingles. In case of any issues, the experts will guide you on the insurance process to cover the repairs.

Tip # 3: Do not Neglect your Gutters and Downspouts

The team of experts at Aloha Construction has identified neglecting of gutters and downspouts as the common mistake made by homeowners. The experts recommend occasional inspection every season. You should identify issues like gutters are leaking or sagging as the common signs of blockage. The experts identify roof damage and mold on the foundation to be caused by leaks from gutters and faulty downspouts.

Tip # 4: Avoid Trying Saving Money on Repairs

The worst mistake homeowners can make is trying to save money on repair or work with unqualified personnel. You should consult with Aloha Construction which is a top contractor in the state of Illinois for your house repairs. The company offers the best practices due to their honesty, culture of integrity and better customer support. This ensures they get the job done in an appropriate manner and at a fair cost.