The Sheldon Lavin Code: Opposite By Design For The Sake Of Humanity

A remarkable history defines OSI Group’s over 100 years of existence. The business was established in 1909 and has witnessed various changes of the guard at the pinnacle that informs its colossal success so far. The multinational company has 65 locations. With several acquisitions already, Sheldon Lavin plots to keep the company on upward mobility.

A recap of his career trajectory
Owing to his high profile in the meat and processing industry, Sheldon Lavin was the inaugural Chairman and CEO of OSI Group in 1975. What’s more, he was determined to succeed thanks to his experience as a banking executive. Moreover, he doubles up as the current President of OSI International Foods Limited and remains active in the company’s operations.

In 1970, shortly before the rebranding of Otto & Sons into the renowned OSI Group of today, Sheldon came aboard at the onset of exponential growth. Consequently, he became a third partner having equal leverage. When one of the Otto sons sold his interest, Sheldon Lavin became a half partner. Eventually, the remaining son retired; thus, granting him full voting control. Notably, Sheldon’s clear vision and leadership catapulted OSI Group from a domestic food processor to an international powerhouse. Ultimately, India’s Vision World Academy recognized his meticulous efforts; thereby, presenting him with a Global Visionary Award in 2016.

Business milestones at OSI Group
Under the leadership of Lavin, OSI made several strategically planned purchases, acquisitions, and joint ventures. These included a joint venture in 2014 with Pickstock in the UK, an acquisition of Tyson Foods in Chicago, a controlling stake of the Baho Food in the Netherlands, Flagship Europe in the UK, and Hynek Schlachthof slaughterhouse in Germany. Surprisingly, all the acquisitions were made in 2016.

Going green
At 85 years, Sheldon Lavin still reserves a soft spot for matters environment. From the onset, it was an issue close to his heart as exhibited by the countless awards under his watch. Lavin is hopeful that promising investors would continue to have an eye keen on the environment and sustainability aspects.

An embodiment of generosity
A feat evasive to many magnates, Sheldon Lavin, has been able to reciprocate back to the community while simultaneously building his company. He creates time for his family and remains committed to beneficence like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin speaks passionately to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for their employees.


Why Paul Mampilly Wants Us To Invest In Rare Earth Metals

Paul Mampilly, expert stock analyst, and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing says better and cheaper batteries are needed if e-mobility is to succeed. He’s talking about electric vehicles and the raw materials required to make them run.The “Profits Unilmited” and nationally recognized stock picking guru pointed out in his Twitter post the popularity of metals, especially by Chinese miners. Mampilly has tracked how these miners are buying specific metals, needed for the electric car revolution, around the world, and he predicts the demand will keep growing.

Without them, says Paul Mampilly, the revolution for cars and digital goods will slow down.Lithium, also referred to as “white gold” is indispensable. Batteries of e-cars, but also many other electronic products, like smartphones, and laptops are dependent on lithium, and while China mines Lithium, the country is trying to gain access to ever larger deposits world wide.

International Desires Increase For Metals

Should we invest? A leading supplier of lithium carbonate to the battery industry – SQM – had it’s stock rise by 80 percent in just 12 months. It’s emerged as a must have says stock investment guru, Paul Mampilly.According to expert estimates global demand for lithium will at least double by the year 2025. As pointed out by Mampilly, lithium, cobalt, nickel and platinum, as well as graphite and other rare earth metals play a central role in the high-tech economy, and offers opportunities for investments.Investors’ interest in metal rose when electric and lithium (EV) vehicles made headlines, and with Elon Musk promising to sell more than one million Tesla, which depend on lithium, and Volkswagen and BMW following suit, experts say investors should include shares of metals in their portfolios.To be sure you don’t miss out on the action, follow Mampilly on Facebook and his Paul Mampilly Guru website.

The Helping Hand of Stream Energy

In summer 2004, Stream Energy was established in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in residential and corporate services; relating to electric and energy needs. Over the next several years, the company would grow and further their operation into 7 different states and regions. Many commercial and residential consumers have benefitted from the efforts of Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is also known for huge philanthropy acts. When a number of devastating hurricanes reached Texas, Stream Energy donated the company’s profits to the numerous suffering families who lost their houses. In addition, SE has also established genuine rapports with numerous nonprofit organizations. They’ve also founded their own non for profit sector called Stream Cares. One of their first acts of charity was to pay for more than 1000 homeless children’s room and board at a shelter. Stream Energy has a reputation that precedes them and a passion to help others; no matter if it is through their business or charity. They have shown that they care about their community and aims to serve. Anytime there is a disaster or an opportunity to help, Stream Energy goes above and beyond. This energy company considers helping the community as a part of their DNA.

They company has social media pages that post inspirational quotes as well as info relating to consumers. On their Twitter site, they touch base on their philanthropy progress and offer people to help if they are able to do so. The humanitarian efforts of SE dates far back before they formalized it with the formation of Stream Cares. The company plans to expand it’s reach business and continue to give a helping hand throughout their community. They constantly put the community first and this has earned them a spot in many people’s hearts. Many people have been touched by the efforts of this company and from the looks of it, many more people will be assisted by their business and philanthropy acts.

Sahm Adrangi: An Investment Expert

Sahm Adrangi started Kerrisdale Capital Management. He launched his company in 2009. The investment capital company primarily focuses on long term investments and special event driven situations. The company spends a lot of its time researching and correcting errors about underfollowed longs, issues with investments in the stock market and over hyped shorts. Under the leadership of the founder and chief investment officer. Kerrisdale Capital Management works within the telecommunications, biotechnology and mining industries.

Sahm Adrangi grew his reputation in the investment banking niche. He was able to become a respected investor and banker due to his exposure of fraudulent businesses practices amongst Chinese companies. Researching and finding out about these companies caused the SEC to draw their attention to the fraudulent actions of these companies. Sahm Adrangi is also a guest speaker. He speaks at many different conventions and conference. For example, he has spoken at the Activist Investor Conference, and he has spoken at the Sohn Conference. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have written editorial pieces on the investment banker. His skill and intelligence with investing led him to managing billions of dollars for other companies, which laid the groundwork for him launching his own successful investment capital company.

The stock markets and hedge funds have been experiencing bullish activity. There are many growing trends in quant strategies, investments, indexing and mechanical approaches. Despite this, Sahm Adrangi knows that the fundamentals to analyzing stocks is the key to selecting the correct investments that will yield you the right return on investment. The CIO and investor believes fundamental investing helps investors grow their investment portfolios. He has built Kerrisdale Capital Management into a firm that has a mission of fundamental investing. Selecting good stocks and attracting shorts is not a challenge for this investment company.

The New York based investment company started just a few years ago is a leader in its industry. The company has pledged itself to helping clients with their financial decisions. They will continue to lead and support value based investments that are in an array of industries related to public securities.

4 Tips from Aloha Construction Experts to Avoid Making Mistakes as a Homeowner

As a first-time homeowner, there are a variety of mistakes you can make while purchasing your first house. For that reason, experts from Aloha Construction have complied four mistakes that most new homeowners make and how to avoid them.

Tip # 1: Avoid Making Wrong Upgrades

The common mistake that individuals make is selecting the wrong upgrades. Upgrading your house without following the appropriate steps can result in a leaking roof or a rotting siding. This can affect the resale value of your house to potential customers. When you need to put your house on sale it is advisable you consult Aloha Construction experts to upgrade your house roofing and siding.

Tip # 2: Do not wait too Long for Property Inspection

Aloha construction offers a free inspection of the property. This enabled the company to be awarded the BBB Torch Award for its contribution in the community. You should contact the company after the occurrence of high winds blow or hail to inspect your home. The company team of experts will carry out a rigorous inspection process to ensure the safety of your home. They will inspect your house siding, roofing and shingles. In case of any issues, the experts will guide you on the insurance process to cover the repairs.

Tip # 3: Do not Neglect your Gutters and Downspouts

The team of experts at Aloha Construction has identified neglecting of gutters and downspouts as the common mistake made by homeowners. The experts recommend occasional inspection every season. You should identify issues like gutters are leaking or sagging as the common signs of blockage. The experts identify roof damage and mold on the foundation to be caused by leaks from gutters and faulty downspouts.

Tip # 4: Avoid Trying Saving Money on Repairs

The worst mistake homeowners can make is trying to save money on repair or work with unqualified personnel. You should consult with Aloha Construction which is a top contractor in the state of Illinois for your house repairs. The company offers the best practices due to their honesty, culture of integrity and better customer support. This ensures they get the job done in an appropriate manner and at a fair cost.