The Sheldon Lavin Code: Opposite By Design For The Sake Of Humanity

A remarkable history defines OSI Group’s over 100 years of existence. The business was established in 1909 and has witnessed various changes of the guard at the pinnacle that informs its colossal success so far. The multinational company has 65 locations. With several acquisitions already, Sheldon Lavin plots to keep the company on upward mobility.

A recap of his career trajectory
Owing to his high profile in the meat and processing industry, Sheldon Lavin was the inaugural Chairman and CEO of OSI Group in 1975. What’s more, he was determined to succeed thanks to his experience as a banking executive. Moreover, he doubles up as the current President of OSI International Foods Limited and remains active in the company’s operations.

In 1970, shortly before the rebranding of Otto & Sons into the renowned OSI Group of today, Sheldon came aboard at the onset of exponential growth. Consequently, he became a third partner having equal leverage. When one of the Otto sons sold his interest, Sheldon Lavin became a half partner. Eventually, the remaining son retired; thus, granting him full voting control. Notably, Sheldon’s clear vision and leadership catapulted OSI Group from a domestic food processor to an international powerhouse. Ultimately, India’s Vision World Academy recognized his meticulous efforts; thereby, presenting him with a Global Visionary Award in 2016.

Business milestones at OSI Group
Under the leadership of Lavin, OSI made several strategically planned purchases, acquisitions, and joint ventures. These included a joint venture in 2014 with Pickstock in the UK, an acquisition of Tyson Foods in Chicago, a controlling stake of the Baho Food in the Netherlands, Flagship Europe in the UK, and Hynek Schlachthof slaughterhouse in Germany. Surprisingly, all the acquisitions were made in 2016.

Going green
At 85 years, Sheldon Lavin still reserves a soft spot for matters environment. From the onset, it was an issue close to his heart as exhibited by the countless awards under his watch. Lavin is hopeful that promising investors would continue to have an eye keen on the environment and sustainability aspects.

An embodiment of generosity
A feat evasive to many magnates, Sheldon Lavin, has been able to reciprocate back to the community while simultaneously building his company. He creates time for his family and remains committed to beneficence like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin speaks passionately to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for their employees.


Shafik Sachedina, a Dentist with a Passion for Charity

Shafik Sachedina is a co-chairman of Sussex Healthcare, a special care Homes Company located in southern Sussex, England. Shafik was born in Daresalam, Tanzania but received his college education at the University of London, Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. Dr. Shafik has practiced dentistry from 1975 to date. With many years of dental practice care, Shafik has eventually decided to extend patient care experience to other sectors. In 1985, together with Shiraz Boghani, they opened the first care home. Read more on

Sussex Healthcare offers high-quality personalized care services to the elderly. The homes also provide care services for patients who have dementia, severe brain injuries and, Alzheimer’s disease. The homes also take care of young adults with mental problems or other conditions that may render them unable to lead a normal life. The Sussex Healthcare homes are reputable for their excellent services. The care services are supported by gym sessions, massage therapies, reflexology and other physical games for the wellbeing of those under care. Today, the company operates 20 homes across the country.

Besides co-chairing Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is deeply involved in community activities. For many years, he has been an active member of the Ismaili community, Institute of Ismaili Studies. The institute was established in 1977, with the intention of creating Islamic awareness across the world. Today the institute has one of the biggest libraries in the world. The library contains books and journals that promote Islam. It is a resource center for Islamic culture.

Shafik Sachedina serves as the Head of Department in the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan, Aiglemont, France. His primary duties include coordination of programs and activities of Ismaili community’s institutions. He oversees 16 significant areas of operations for the community. Shafik Sachedina is responsible for linking the plans of the Aga Khan Development Network with those of the Ismaili communities in Asia.

Shafik also holds several other voluntary positions in the Ismaili community. He is a member of Aga Khan Development Network Committee at Aiglemont. He is also a member of Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum and, committee Chairman, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International.

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Strategies Implemented By Peter Briger To Elevate Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has helped Fortress Investment Group to be a competitive organization because it was able to remain operational despite the losses facing the industry. Eliminating losses and uncertainties remains to be one of the main challenges facing a significant number of financial sector. The success of the organization is to stay focused on eliminating losses while at the same time being able to navigate risks that face the market.

One of the main achievement that Peter Briger implemented at Fortress Group is helping the company to understand all the risks and uncertainties affecting the industry. A large number of organizations have struggled in trying to understand the losses facing their operations. However, Fortress Group has been able to overcome all the risks that usually face the market through well thought and professionally managed policies. These policies have helped the company to remain relevant even in situations where other organizations are collapsing.

One of the main strategies used by Peter Briger is ensuring that he uses simple language which every customer interested in buying financial products at Fortress Investment Group can understand. This means that the company could be able to explain the complex terms used in the financial industry and make them easy to understand. All individuals making investment decisions could, therefore, have the necessary knowledge and information that would help them to come up with the best alternative without feeling cheated.

Peter Briger aimed at helping the company to be more self-centered rather than being multitude-based. Most of the organizations are multitude-based where they provide financial products for customers to consider without addressing their needs. At Fortress Investment Group, customers can easily design the commercial products they would like to purchase. This makes the company customer-based in that it only provides those products that are needed by particular customers.

In a nutshell, Peter Briger is an individual who is always interested in marketing the products of the company through personal touch that is not provided by other entities in the same industry. A personal touch is a strategy that means individuals are targeted by giving the products that are tailor-made to meet their needs.

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The Role Of David McDonald In Development Of OSI Group

David McDonald is an experienced business leader who has played a vital role in the success and development of OSI Group since its inception. After graduating with a degree in Animal Science, he has worked himself up the ladder up to the highest rank in the company, the president.

This is even though he started in a middle-level occupation where he was the project manager of the company, while at the same time playing a pivotal role as the Chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. However, it is through OSI Group that he has demonstrated his skills and expertise in steering the company to greater heights.

OSI Group has positioned itself as a premier food provider that works to ensure that all its customers get quality food products and the services associated with the whole process. David McDonald, having worked with the organization for more than thirty years, has played a crucial role in the development and success of the company. With changing international market and standards, McDonald has developed logistical measures which help the organization to run smoothly and meet its demands simply and cost-effectively. Quality service delivery is achieved by working closely with the marketing segment, which allows the company to understand what customers want.

The purchase of Baho Foods, a Dutch company that is known for deli meat and processing of other food products, was a clear demonstration that OSI Group wants to establish itself as a leader in the food industry not only in the United States but also in other places around the world. This acquisition significantly played a crucial role in helping the company to establish and have a better insight into how the European food market operates. David McDonald can now use his marketing and logistical skills in expanding his operations in the European region and help OSI Group to establish its authority as a food company to reckon with.

It is through the reign of David McDonald, as the president of OSI Group, that the company has been able to establish a significant number of Chinese food facilities in different regions around the country. It is important to record that a substantial amount of these Chinese facilities deal with poultry and have been supplying well-known chain restaurants around the country. His skills and competence have enabled him to propel the organization through much challenges and industry-specific problems and position OSI Group as a respected food company with a positive reputation.


Infinity Group Australia’s culture of innovative financial solutions

Infinity Group Australia was founded jointly by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. The company was incorporated in response to an existing market gap in the financial industry where debt reduction was a major concern. Since then, the company has achieved tremendous growth, becoming one of the most innovative companies in Australia today.




With five years of existence in the competitive market, Infinity Group Australia recently received an accolade from the Australian Financial Review for making it among the 58 innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The company’s innovation culture runs deep and is well-integrated within the management. From foundation, Infinity Group Australia utilized the concept of finding innovative solutions for financial problems that customers faced. As part of the innovation, the management of the company initiated plans to ensure that all customers are handled uniquely and in accordance with their specific demands and requirements. The development of customer-specific solutions has enabled Infinity Group to obtain and retain more customers who are hungry for financial relationships designed to spur them to financial autonomy and success.




As part of the innovativeness in the financial solutions for customers, the management of the company takes notice of patients’ behavior and comes up with a unique customer profile which is utilized to offer an appropriate financial package for them. The customer-centric approach has made the company one of the leading mortgage firms in the country that specially focuses on reducing customer debts as seamlessly as possible while securing their future. The Infinity Group Australia reviews by customers are a testament to the company’s emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction. Learn more:




According to the company’s vision and mission, special emphasis is put on ensuring that customers can enjoy their financial future without having to worry about the monthly premiums they have to pay.




At the helm of the company is Graeme Holm who is a graduate of Illawarra Christian School and the Australian Institute of Business where he studied finance for more than 17 years. Starting his career in 2001, Graeme Holm has invested more than 10 years working in the Australian financial industry in various banks. This lengthy time has given him a sufficient platform to master the real estate industry with a particular focus on debt-reduction and mortgage brokerage.




To enforce corporate success while securing the company’s future in the competitive market, Graeme Holm has been compelled to invest in the development of an appropriate Fintech for the Infinity Group Australia.



Brian Torchin — Well Educated to Fulfill His Purpose in the Professional Life

Brian’s future-enterprise accomplishments took flight after completing the school learning. He was propelled by history when he noted people experiencing physical pains — Brian had no answers for their suffering. It was then Brian Torchin focused on getting an education to fulfill his purpose in the medical professional life. Thus, he started the education by finishing with a Bachelor of Science pre-med degree from the University of Delaware.

Also, he entered his called-for field to practice as a chiropractic practitioner.

So, Brian gained all the necessary certifications through the New York Chiropractic College. At last, the practitioner completed the training from 1992 to 1995 and graduated with a chiropractic degree. Following this achieving, Dr. Torchin began helping adults and children suffering from chiropractic issues such as migraines, neck pain, lower back pain, and more.

Yes, these practices took place in his Philadelphia, PA chiropractic clinic where he developed an excellent reputation. Furthermore, Brian Torchin grew to be a successful entrepreneur in the global medical field. However, founding Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) would become Brian’s biggest professional-career achievement. Interesting enough, Dr. Torchin knows what it’s liking to be understaffed in serving through his chiropractic clinic experiences. Read more at about Brian Torchin

And so, by creating HCRC Staffing, he would have the answer to resolve the needs of his company and other practicing organizations. Brian’s purpose is to make sure businesses will have access to registered personnel having a passion to learn and share these enterprises’ day-to-day affairs. Noteworthy, HCRC Staffing is competent in serving healthcare companies, hospitals, and legal firms. Additional, the company supplies the need for chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse-practitioners, qualified dentists, and more.

Conclusion, similar to Brian Torchin’s chiropractic clinic location, HCRC is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but he has built other offices throughout the US — and as far as Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia. Thus, Brian has a passion for coaching and mentoring young students in the medical profession. Plus, he shares his information on Facebook and Twitter for those graduates who are searching for job opportunities at different hospitals.



Whitney Wolfe; Big plans for Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the successful woman behind Bumble, which now runs platforms with over 35 million users around the globe in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Latin American and soon to launched in India.

Bumble BFF has reached three million users and even the famous Kris Jenner has stated that she was using Bumble to hire an assistant.

Aside from all their success Bumble is currently counter suing Match Group in a legal back and forth battle after they declined Match Group’s offer to purchase Bumble.

The legal troubles seem to have not bothered the company.We can expect big things from Bumble, lead with Whitney Wolfe ‘s drive in women empowerment the company has been working with psychotherapist and dermatologist to create serums. They plan to release these in mid to late 2019, and customers are sure to be surprised by their ironic names like “Break Up With Bad” a facial oil for “breakups and breakouts” line. Yet they claim that this is just the start. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Empowering Women has always been a key motivator for Whitney Wolfe that fuels all of her intriguing plans. Playing into this is her goal to make misogyny illegal. She believes that those who send unwanted pictures of their genitalia need to be held accountable for their actions. But as of now it is too early for legislation to take up the topic.

Whitney Wolfe had to deal with many coming of age troubles, which have fueled her gender opposition behavior today. But despite this she still balances the paradigms of being a woman. Her husband has stated that even after working for 12-hours she will prefer to cook dinner instead of getting take out.

She is constantly standing up to the indiscretions of the genders both in her personal life and in her company.

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Unmasking Guilherme Paulus and How He Has Become a Formidable Force to reckon with in Brazil’s Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is the perfect embodiment of business excellence. As the Founder of CVC, he has painstakingly built the tour operator enterprise into a formidable business in Brazil and beyond. As a testament to his proficiency, the innovative and ambitious CEO also boasts the newly operational Avenida Cidade Jardim Hotel in Sao Paulo and an iconic skyscraper commonly associated with the DPZ advertising agency. Not content with his current state, he also plans to embark on an impressive mission to build an ultra-modern hotel consisting of 65 apartments and a fully equipped restaurant. As the Chairman of the GJP Group, he is credited with ensuring the construction of over 12 hotels spanned across Brazil.

While most tourists find it excruciating to find accurate information regarding ideal vacation destinations, Guilherme Paulus has proven to be a reliable source of tourism information in Brazil. As the Founder of GJP Hotel and Resorts, he boasts unrivaled experience and connections when it comes to experiencing epic tourism adventures in Brazil. Not only does he know what tourists need and want but also delivers exceptional vacation experiences to his diverse clientele.

As a veteran in the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus has grown by leaps and bounds to develop over 3,000 rooms in Brazil. His insightful leadership in the hotel construction industry undoubtedly elevated his creativity to develop the captivating building in pristine settings such as the Porto Galinhas and the epic waterfalls at Foz do Iguacu.

While in Brazil, tourists need not worry about finding world-class services. Courtesy of his vast empire, tourists are entertained through high-end accommodations, restaurants, and personal services at affordable costs.

Up-Close and Personal

Guilherme Paulus recently shed some insight into his business life aimed at understanding his inspiration and source of success.

Where Was the Idea For CVC Conceived?

Unknown to most people, CVC’s idea initially originated from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari while on a ship trip. Despite having no finances, he didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to partner with Carlos realize their vision to reality. Today, the business has exponentially grown from a small store into a formidable corporation.

One Trend That Excites Him

Guilherme Paulus credits technology as a remarkable tool that attracts his attention. With it, we can not only understand the diverse needs of customers but also understand and capitalize on emerging markets.

The One Thing He Would Do Over and Over as an Entrepreneur

According to the seasoned business guru, nothing beats hard work, toiling at every opportunity and being attentive to the needs of customers. Unfortunately, most business owners fail to harness the power of such information at their disposal.